Words from the heart

Signs? I wonder

Signs and wonders

What is this guiding light

Sought by many, ignored by even more?

What is this coincidence

That plagues incidents born of nothing

But sheer luck?

What is this path

Chosen for us, by us

For the greater good?

What is the greater good?

Who is it greater for?

Where does wonder lead?

Do they all meet and talk

And plan the deeds that seek us,

The end that we surely will meet?


The Same Old Story

We burnt ourselves

When ticks upon paper were laid

And ballots cast


We killed our progress

When we refused to move forth

And leave the chaff that littered our past


We sealed our coffins

When we sealed our lips

On those that shouldn’t have been


We will do it again

When the chance is once more given

We’ll choose to stay in filth

The Works

Working to find the edge of their seats

The secret place where they all go to dream

The windy roads that lead them home

The source of their souls

Working to raise their cost of living


So they forget they ever bought the lie

So they deny they ever laughed at this line

So they rely on the pie for life

So they swallow the bile




Where do they go

When their shadows in purple hues

Follow in sluggish strokes

Of underbellies on blue set canva

Like extended limbs of

The jacaranda warriors rising to heed

Their cause On this dusty October

Do they go to meet their maker

To feed their makers

Whispers of undoings and apothecene ramblings

Temptations fought and Cthulhu’s enchanting thoughts bought

Are they listening to this fleeting thought

Will they answer the quest in song?


It’s fifty times a hundred

The weight of the filth around

It’s only as heavy as you view it

The filth of the wait about

The colour of the filth in sound

It’s only as you see it

The feeling of filth on the ground

And the trees

Called her name

In the whispers of their morning chatter

The birds heard them say,

She soon shall rise

With fury, she shall pierce the sky

And tame the clouds

Her voice shall be loud

And they shall part

For day is strong

Colour my fears

In the dark
At night 
They glow silver and gold
When my eyes are hid
Cthulhu in the stars

abide by the rage
These worlds are drowning

In the blue of the sea
Their tales are heard