Words from the heart

When Words Fail

I forgot to speak 

When words were empty 

Once they left my lips

On their ears, 

The dust of hopes and thoughts and heart

Fell and died
I forgot to speak 

When I bled on the street 

By the gun and rungu of the police

Our lives didn’t matter

Unless they made their point

They needed blood to rule
I forgot to speak

When men got in their daughter’s beds

With crowns of flowers

And left with their flower powers

Convinced that the ones they got

Meant a whole world more than 

What was taken
I forgot to speak

When words of the trusted

We’re honey coated demons

Haunting the life and the after-

Always ringing at the break of dawn

And dancing with the horrors of forefathers

Burning in hell

I forgot to speak 

When life left me

In halos of sadness and hope

Carrying my soul on the broken wings

Of afters gone, after laughs,  after all

Flowing through the cracks,  

Into the dam where it all remained


Not Your Slaves

Kill us all

Our blood shall sweep you

To the shores of power 

Maim our strong

Their bones could make you

Mightier than the sons who 

Fought for peace

Tear us apart 

Limb by limb, 

Son from mother

Wife from husband

Lovers from each other

Cheer on neighbors as they shed

Blood for you

Oh kings with no might

No sight,  no right

Oh masters of folly, 

Kill the ones you need to rule

Kill the ones who hear not

Your cries for slaughter

Kill them all who love 

Kill them all who chose to break the ties

Steal from the lies

Steal all the anger towards each other 

And see who makes you king

Wait For It

Wait here.

Wait here as I find the hem

Of the fabric that will

Hide the flaws we have birthed

And nurtured

The flaws so putrid

We can’t show our faces in the world



Wait here

Wait here as I lay the cloth

Over your uncle Tom,

Whose lust has led him

Under the skirts of little girls

He is ours, he must be hid

For the world is after his head.


Wait here,

Wait here as I find the keys

To the glories of the past

Where we were one and one

Was for all, in sickness, in health

In the rot that’s humanity’s bane.


Wait here,

Wait for the whip

To draw paths of distraction

On your back, your calves

On your children’s brains

Wait for the end to come calling

You may wait forever but

Wait here.




The embrace of the wormhole that steals

The visions of generations

Chanting after Mheshimiwa who

Should never have been

Born to governance

In the minds of the colonized


Chai for the man in blue

At the corner of this and that

Fed, appearing whole, entitled

Unga for the man on the street

Cleaning the trash of the entitled


By ego fed and bred and cultured

Meets, meats and fermented vegetables


It’s all in their mind



The generation has no way to turn

The elder, a result of the white man’s escape

From the truth of their demise

Thus, the elders tasted from the cups of many

What to choose?

Conform, little. It’s all you


The ones after, lost between the conversion

And the resurrection of the them they should

Have been.



To what?


Signs? I wonder

Signs and wonders

What is this guiding light

Sought by many, ignored by even more?

What is this coincidence

That plagues incidents born of nothing

But sheer luck?

What is this path

Chosen for us, by us

For the greater good?

What is the greater good?

Who is it greater for?

Where does wonder lead?

Do they all meet and talk

And plan the deeds that seek us,

The end that we surely will meet?


The Same Old Story

We burnt ourselves

When ticks upon paper were laid

And ballots cast


We killed our progress

When we refused to move forth

And leave the chaff that littered our past


We sealed our coffins

When we sealed our lips

On those that shouldn’t have been


We will do it again

When the chance is once more given

We’ll choose to stay in filth

The Works

Working to find the edge of their seats

The secret place where they all go to dream

The windy roads that lead them home

The source of their souls

Working to raise their cost of living


So they forget they ever bought the lie

So they deny they ever laughed at this line

So they rely on the pie for life

So they swallow the bile